Social media influencers and the advertising market


Okaz newspaper

Social media influencers usually build up a large number of followers by allowing them to become involved in their daily life routine. Out of curiosity or just searching for fun, followers become interested in where these social influencers shop, what they eat, what time they wake up, how they sleep. All of this is done without these followers gaining any real benefit. There are many social influencers who are ineffective in social education.

Although social media influencers have used their accounts to market goods and services, it was expected that in time using social media accounts in marketing would die down. Followers would slowly lose interest when they became more aware and their level of maturity increased and changed their personal direction.

Although promoting services and initiatives is similar to promoting products, the way products and services are promoted should not be the same as promoting services or efforts that are directed to the needs of society. A certain department might promote its services or initiatives through channels that are not achieving the goals targeted. Good content and poor tools cannot be mixed and will not serve the purpose of promotion.

One must be more selective when it comes to choosing effective social media influencers. We need to use tools that are stable and professional. Such promotion can be relied on as an important element in bringing about social change, building ideas and delivering information in the right way.