Nosy people are sick!



Every time I think that we no longer have any nosy people in our society who try to dictate what other people should and should not do, I discover that we actually still have a lot of them. We all know that the freedom of one person ends where the freedom of others begins. This means that as long as people are dealing with themselves or their family, dealing with their own money and do not abuse the rights of others, then no one has the right to criticize them or to dictate what they should do, even if it comes in the form of advice.

Not long ago, I read very negative comments that were directed as a famous social figure in our society, just because he posted a picture of himself standing with his granddaughter at her graduation ceremony. I have read many similar comments with regard to similar situations.

Common sense tells us that no one has the right to interfere in the lives of other people no matter what the justification may be. No one who wanted to give advice or to criticize this person could be more concerned about the reputation of the granddaughter and the family than the man himself.

When the recent mid-term school vacation began, people traveled in large numbers to Kuwait and Bahrain, which is something that is expected during such vacations. Social media was flooded with negative comments about the people who traveled abroad for vacation, asking why they had traveled abroad. I do not know what business such nosy people have and who gave them the right to dictate where a person chooses to spend his vacation, whether it is Bahrain, Kuwait or India, since those who criticized did not buy the tickets or pay for the vacation.

We are living among people who spend their time observing us and dictating what we should do. Being nosy is a sickness that needs to be treated and cured.