Al-Shabanah underscores Arab media’s counter terrorism role


RIYADH — Minister of Media Turki Al-Shabanah underscored the Arab media’s role and responsibility in countering terrorism through implementing specific programs that disseminate awareness about this dangerous phenomenon.

The minister made the remarks while addressing the10th session of the Executive Bureau of the Arab Information Ministers Council held in Riyadh on Wednesday. The Ministry of Media, in cooperation with the media and communications wing of the Arab League, organized the meeting.

Al-Shabanah stressed that the success of the Arab efforts in tackling terrorism requires constant coordination and unifying efforts to resist extremist deviant ideologies

The minister presented the items in the agenda of the meeting, which includes the presentation of the recommendations of the sixth research seminar and the 20th meeting of the permanent expert group on monitoring the role of Arab media in tackling the phenomenon of terrorism, which met in Amman in October.

The minister said that the meeting is discussing a number of issues, including means of supporting the Palestinian cause. Al-Shabanah also stressed the role and responsibility of the Arab media in confronting terrorism through the implementation of specific programs that disseminate awareness about this dangerous phenomenon.

The meeting discussed the proposal of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to identify the role of the Arab media in promoting a culture of tolerance, an intellectual focus of the 50th session of the Council of Arab Ministers of Information, and to present the executive agenda of the Arab media strategy.

The Executive Bureau consists of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Tunisia, Somalia, Sudan and Iraq. — SG/SPA