The plight of our retirees



IN the house of every retiree in Saudi Arabia, there can be a number of jobless males and females.

In addition to their daily expenses amid the ever-rising cost of living, this retiree has to repay his loans and installments, and foot the many utility bills.

The more the retiree grow old, the more his need for medical attention and treatment. The retiree will have to visit hospital back and forth.

All this happens when the monthly pension of the retiree does not increase even by a single halala. The retiree is forced to live accepting this harsh reality. The retired person who loved his country so much, remained loyal to the rulers and worked hard every day serving the nation in his heyday, does not deserve to suffer like this following retirement.

The retirees contributed to our present. They were the ones who sacrificed for the nation a lot at the time when they were young and energetic. They stepped down and went into retirement, leaving the current generation to continue the mission. These retirees deserve more attention and care and we should repay them back.

I wish the Shoura Council would look into the condition of the retirees and work on improving their monthly entitlements.