The Iranian agents at Yemen talks



IT seems as if the East and West alike do not want a solution to the Yemen crisis and instead they want to prolong the war so they can exploit more of our natural resources and hinder our developmental leap. They want to see us busy in wars and conflicts so they could loot the last of our riches.

Is it plausible that the United Nations deals with a gang of Houthi outlaws who overthrew the legitimate government in Sanaa as if they are representatives of the Yemeni people and provide them with a private jet to travel to Geneva or Stockholm and luxurious resorts to stay?

They are just a bunch of lawless gangsters in our Arab land, and are managed and controlled by Iran. Is it possible that the United Nations, when the Yemeni national army was closing in on Al-Hodeida to liberate it, jumps to rescue the Houthis by holding needless meetings and conventions here and there with the aim of buying time for the militia to regroup, replenish supplies and reposition? Why can't the UN leave the legitimate Yemeni army to finish the task of eradicating these outlaws?

What did the UN do for Palestine in 70 years and what happened to the Security Council resolutions 338 and 242 and the General Assembly resolution 194, which affirm the right of return for the Palestinian refugees to their homeland? Are we the ones who are bound to apply the UN resolutions while Israel is exempted from applying them? Isn't that double standard? Aren't the ones who are fighting the outlawed militia are Yemeni army and the resistance led by a legitimate government who asked the coalition forces for help?

Doesn't the UN want the Yemeni people to get rid of a gang that stole their money from the banks? This militia stole food and medicines and destroyed the infrastructure in Yemeni cities. Why the victim is punished while the aggressor, led by the terrorist Iranian regime that stole the wealth of four Arab countries and destroyed them, is allowed to get off scot-free?

Why can't the UN hold Iran responsible and force them to rebuild Iraq, Syria and Yemen? Are the Arabs responsible for the destruction of their countries by Iran? Why does the UN play hypocrite about Iran? Why is it silent against the aggression and destruction in the Arab world?

Can we understand from this that the East and West led by the UN are blessing the Iranian aggression? Aren't the East and West concerned about the reaction from the Arab world that could harm their interests? Did the colonial era end or is there a new colonization program to extort the weak nations of their wealth through agents and mercenaries who are carrying out their imperious agenda in the Arab world — agents like Iran and Qatar, who is financing aggression and destruction in the Arab world? Why are they silent against Iran, which is threatening the interests of the East and West in the Arab world? Are the East and West not capable of putting an end to the Iranian threat?

Human rights organizations are very harsh in their criticisms of the international alliance for allegedly causing casualties among Yemeni children while they are silent about the Houthis, who recruit children to fight their war.

Why are the human rights organizations not looking at what the Iranian regime, as well as the Turkish regime, is doing to the opposition in those countries? What about Israel, which is killing Palestinian children, women and the elderly?

These are questions that we will never find answers because answering them will expose the colonial agenda of the East and West before the enlightened Arab people.