HISJ holds Hukamaa entrepreneurship event

January 22, 2019
Syed Mussarat Khalil

Saudi Gazette.

Al-Hukamaa International School Jeddah (HISJ) organized Hukamaa’s 7th Entrepreneurship program at school premises recently.

Shaiq Ahmed Bhutto, acting consul general of Pakistan, was the chief guest. Other honorable guests were Majid Ahmed Bal Ahmer, deputy owner HISJ, Bilal Zahrani, director HISJ, Raed Omar Brahedni, senior manager Cambridge Assessment International Education Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait, Kamel, principal House of Knowledge Jeddah, and others.

Farhan Kaleem, principal HISJ, welcomed the guests and described the features of event. He said every year Hukamaa Entrepernuer presents a growing number of students with the confidence to come forward with their own ideas.

He said the entrepreneurship program elevates the students in preparing for these ideas through to fruition involving determination, planning, negotiation, hard work and risk taking. However, the elation students experience when they succeed and the pride they feel when they realize the impacts they’ve made are palpable.

Similarly, watching people coming out of their comfort zone has set a great example for some of our less confident students, who have learned to worry less about how others perceive them. Fundraising has proved a liberating context for individuals to develop in new and exciting ways, he added.

We encourage the students to make it useful in your studies how to deal with customers and raise profits in your business, he added.

Students are asked to build their own companies with their own brand and logos. The products they use or sell depends completely on them how smartly they play around the stalls.

Each company should have no more than 7 students and not less than 3. The stalls are set up around the school with different items (student’s choice) involved in it. Includes:

Stall Games; Milkshake and Juices stalls; Food (BBQ stalls, Grill burgers, various other items); Indoor football; Books; Cinema (in the library & computer Lab); Play station or Xbox (13 – 15 Consoles) and Quad Bike (used on the main ground).

On the day charging per student as in the stall as low as SR3-4 on an average per item or playing time on the consoles. Students have to bring their own home appliances for the day.

For example: If they have a PS4 stall they will bring TV, PS4 and extension cables from their homes. If they have a burger stall, they will have to bring electric griller, burgers, buns and sauces.

Teachers are allotted duties on every stall to make sure there is nothing miscalculated or any kind of disruption by the students. Our highest selling stalls usually are with the most PS4 consoles and milkshake stalls.

The students provided excellent services, who devoted one whole day to become entrepreneurs as different companies to market their product.

January 22, 2019
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