Acquiring education should be at low cost, Dr. Chapra

January 29, 2019
Syed Mussarat Khalil

Saudi Gazette

Dr. Mohammed Omar Chapra, recipient of King Faisal Award, speaker and great philanthropist, said that acquiring education and knowledge should be made easier and at low cost.

HE made this statement while speaking as chief guest at Memon Welfare Society (MWS) 7th Annual Awards & Prizes distribution event. The prizes were awarded to meritorious students of the community at Al Shalala Park.

He said the MWS, since its inception, is extending welfare services to the people is commendable. He congratulated to the students who received awards and advised other students to work hard in their studies to stand among award recipients next year.

The award ceremony began with recitation of verses from Holy Qur’an by Hafiz Abdullah Abdul Rahman Khimani. Naat was recited by Ahmed Irfan, and an inspirational poem of Alama Iqbal was read out by Anzalna Jawed Ashraf Kherani.

MWS President welcomed all guests and conveyed congratulation to all meritorious students and their parents for their outstanding position and receiving an award today.

Tayyab Moosani, secretary general MWS, briefed the guests about social and welfare activities of the society which was applauded by the audience.

Moosani declared the distribution of various gifts during the event that included distribution of chocolates, candies, biscuits, etc from Gandour and Pure food Companies and lot of vouchers of free meal and discounted meal at various restaurants of Jeddah that include Spinzer, Tawa n Tandour, Jamil’s and Taza Gril Restaurants.

Also International travel ticket through from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to UAE were distributed among lucky number holders through a raffle draw. Abeer Hospital also sent some vouchers of free consultation.

Special guest, Abdullah Khateeb introduced his English Learning Book “The Teacher” Al Mudarris.

The event concluded with personal vote thanks by Mohammed Ismail Badie, patron. The program was conducted by Siraj Adamjee, Wasim Taie and Shoaib Sikander.

Other hardworking members including Rashid Kasmani, Ahmed Kamal Makki, Abdul Kader Africawala, Sadiq Sorathis, A.Qader Teli, Jawed Kherani, Owais Rawani, contributed their tireless efforts in making the event great success. Then all invitees enjoyed with rides in Shallal Park until late night.

January 29, 2019
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