Experts explore digitization experiences in education


Saudi Gazette

Under the auspices of Undersecretary of Education for Educational Performance Dr. Eid Al-Hessouni, Director General of Education in Jeddah Abdullah Al-Thaqafi inaugurated on Monday the activities of “21st Century Skills”, a workshop on digital transformation in education.

A number of experts, academics and more than 140 school heads and teachers took part in the workshop.

In his speech, Al-Thaqafi stressed that digital transformation in schools will bring in a beautiful shift in the activities of students and parents, in line with Saudi Vision 2030 and the objectives of the Ministry of Education.

The meeting started with a paper titled “The Experience of Teacher”, presented by Adel Al-Ghamdi, a teacher of King Fahad middle school who focused on the digital gate. It was followed by a paper by Professor and ICT specialist Stephen Heppell, who highlighted the digital transformation process in schools around the world.

“Digital transformation means allowing students to access the benefits of customization, building big-data fueled curricula to shape their future,” Heppell said.

In the second working paper, Saudi E-University Director Dr. Abdullah Al-Mousa reviewed the role of digital transformation in the era of the knowledge economy, the incentives for digital transformation in education, digital transformation and educational policies, and the most important trends that accelerate the adoption of technology in education.