Why did MBS visit 3 nuclear states?


THERE is a common denominator that should be noted about Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman’s three-stop Asian swing to Pakistan, India and China: All these three states are nuclear and have giant and powerful economies. Not only that, each state is an ally of the Kingdom and enjoys multi-faceted strong strategic ties, especially in defense and industry. Crown Prince Muhammad has concluded his visit to all three states successfully, thanks to his great insight and realization of the importance of those allies in this vital continent of which the Kingdom is a part.

Such insight is the result of the Kingdom’s careful reading of its future and the fact that it always gives priority to its interests and anything that helps it strengthen its mutual ties with other states. During the recent visit, meetings and consultations were held while investment agreements, which all economic indications suggest they will be successful, were signed. The visit to Pakistan was successful not only because of investments, but also, and to a greater extent, due to Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman’s charisma.

In Rawalpindi and Islamabad, the Crown Prince was welcomed with a gun salute and a formation of fighter jet that escorted his airplane. He was awarded with the Nishan-e-Pakistan, the highest civilian award. His charisma was met with the pure love Pakistanis hold dearly in their hearts for the Kingdom, people whose population has exceeded 200 million. That is why the Crown Prince was truthful when he told Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan that he would not turn down any request Pakistan made and that’s what the Crown Prince did; he ordered the release of more than 1,000 Pakistani prisoners in the Kingdom in response to Imran Khan’s request.

The Kingdom’s enemies have been spreading lies and fabrications in an attempt to tarnish Crown Prince’s reputation and assassinate his character politically. However, the Crown Prince has stood tall like a mountain, unmoved. He has surprised the enemies at numerous events with his influential charisma and presentation, the last was at the G-20 Summit hosted by Argentina.

His enemies thought for one second that their hateful and defamatory campaigns targeting his character could silence the voice of the Kingdom. They were wrong and shocked when they saw his massive popularity among the Pakistanis and the great respect he was given in India and China. This is how great leaders act — they never care what trivial and unimportant people might plot against them for such people will always remain small and their conspiracy will end in the dustbin of history.

Undoubtedly, Crown Prince’s successful visit to Pakistan and India, both of which are having exacerbated tensions over Kashmir, is a new proof that the Kingdom’s efficient policy can contain tensions between sisterly and friendly countries that share deep-rooted and historical relations with the Kingdom. Both prime ministers in Pakistan and India broke the reception protocols and welcomed the Crown Prince at the airport. The jubilant celebrations of Islamabad and New Delhi can be attributed to Crown Prince’s charisma, a charisma that qualifies him to strike successful mediation between both countries regarding the Kashmir dispute.

I believe Okaz daily held exclusive interviews with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the Crown Prince’s visit. Both interviews tried to read between the lines how the Indian and Pakistani leaderships deal with this visit and what its repercussions were.

The Kingdom’s efficient policy has manifested itself in China, the last country visited by the Crown Prince during his tour. Riyadh and Beijing share profound relations; Add to that, China is a permanent member of the United Nations’ Security Council and together with the Kingdom have unwavering commitment to the policy of non-interference in domestic affairs of others.

Crown Prince’s clear message is: the Kingdom will continue to make more reforms and will not be affected by stupid defamation and disruption campaigns for the organizers of those campaign are doomed to fail. Another proof is Mahatma Gandhi’s words: “There is no way to peace, there is only peace.” The Kingdom has forged its way ahead and based its contemporary political history on the principle of peace... internal as well as external peace. For haters, there is no consolation.

The author is a Saudi writer. Follow him on Twitter: @JameelAlTheyabi