Haila Al-Farraj is first Saudi female sports commentator

February 25, 2019

Saudi Gazette report

Haila Al-Farraj will become the first Saudi woman sports commentator when she will sit in the commentary box on Friday reporting on the Gulf women’s soccer tournament at the Green Hall in Dammam.

A total of about 200 female football players will participate in the competition with 16 teams from five GCC member states — Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Oman.

Al-Farraj is a radio program presenter and holds a B.A. degree in anthropology. She is also an instructor accredited by the Public Corporation for Social Communications and Electronic Marketing. She is a good orator with a sweet voice.

Al-Farraj was chosen to be the official commentator of the GCC women soccer competition by the organizing committee.

“It was by a stroke of luck that I was chosen to be the official commentator of a major GCC women’s event, which will include football players, coaches, referees and others,” she said.

Al-Farraj said she became acquainted with the sport terminologies from her father and brothers who always talked about sport.

“My father is a big fan of Al-Nasr Club while my brothers support Al-Hial,” she added.

She said she was proud to be the first Saudi woman sports commentator and hoped to continue in the career especially at this time of women empowerment.

Al-Farraj said she would be extremely happy to sit behind the microphone in the commentary box, reporting on women soccer.

She said she was looking forward to commentate on private TV channels to give Saudi spectators a complete picture of what was going on in the pitch.

Al-Farraj said she was happy and proud that Princess Rima Bin Bandar had become the first Saudi woman to be appointed as an ambassador. “I am equally proud that I have been selected to become the first Saudi woman sports commentator,” she said.

February 25, 2019
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