Open the doors of life

March 06, 2019
Open the doors of life
Abdu Khal


Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman said in one of his meetings that the memories of many Saudis are primarily from outside the country. It was necessary, he said, for memories to be formed in the country.

The truth is that many people have been traveling outside the country to enjoy their vacations. Many of us have considered the annual vacation as a time for tourism abroad and a time to enjoy the pleasures of life.

Many Saudis travel to different capitals of the world to enjoy their annual vacation in a search for entertainment and shopping without harassment, etc.

Now, however, you see Saudis here in the Kingdom having fun all week enjoying various kinds of entertainment. A friend of mine swears that he feels like he is outside of Saudi Arabia due to the wide range of entertainment now available here and that he and his family no longer want to travel abroad for tourism. The past days have indeed shown us that our country contains many tourist treasures.

Since the door has been open for our society to live its daily life without harassment, we are now at a turning point. Statistics indicate that there has been a reduction of trips taken abroad. The coming days will feature the start of many large tourism projects that will turn our country into a major tourist destination.

Isn’t this open life more beautiful than one that is closed? The absence of social responsibility used to make people struggle because a normal life was missing. But by opening the doors of life to people, you will bring back social responsibility everywhere.

However, we must be aware that there are people who on a daily basis reject such social openness and demand that we go back behind closed doors and return to the old ways that society has invalidated.

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March 06, 2019
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