Glade, Snapchat partner to launch new eye-recognition selfie technology

March 11, 2019

ON International Women’s Day, Glade launched a new social media selfie lens on Snapchat, providing the women of Saudi Arabia with an opportunity to express themselves to the world in a way that was never possible before.

Snapchat’s current facial recognition technology is unable to recognize a woman’s face if she is wearing a niqab. Glade and Snapchat partnered to create the first-ever lens that uses eyes-only recognition technology so Saudi women can express themselves, even while wearing the niqab.

The selfie lens on Snapchat will provide Saudi woman the opportunity to “close her eyes to wish for her future.” When she opens her eyes, Snapchat’s lens will read her expression and create a wish. The lens can then be flipped from selfie mode to find the woman›s hand, when she opens her hand, she will be able to release her wish into the air. Glade will also share a unique snap code to a sky lens so women can see their wishes come alive in the air over Saudi Arabia.

The launch of this Snapchat technology is part of the local launch of the new Glade Elegant Amber & Oud fragrance, which was inspired by the women of Saudi Arabia. The Glade scent, crafted with notes of traditional oud wood and fresh jasmine blossoms, celebrates the women of Saudi Arabia, and their hopes and wishes for the future.

Glade, as part of the SC Johnson family of brands, released the Elegant Amber & Oud fragrance earlier this year. This Glade fragrance has notes of elegant jasmine blended with warm amber and oud, and is available online or at retailers in the region. — SG

March 11, 2019
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