No unemployment in the Kingdom?

Abdullah Al-Jamili


The Ministry of Labor and Social Development said that there will be 450,000 jobs available for young Saudi men and women in 2019 and these jobs are the result of collaboration and cooperation between the ministry and a number of government agencies and companies.

If we accept this number as true, then we have every right to ask: Are the Saudization programs real or fake? What is their purpose? Is it to circumvent laws and regulations as many companies do? Another question: Will job seekers, most of whom are young, encounter very difficult requirements to work in these jobs and will they find an environment where they feel that they have job security or will they have to worry about being dismissed at any minute?

A third question: Will the salaries of the 450,000 jobs be fair and take into consideration the economic circumstances and help young people lead an honorable life with medical insurance and annual allowances?

The ministry should clarify any ambiguity surrounding these jobs and list the names of the jobs and how much the salary and the allowances are. It should create a safe and secure environment for our youth.

If the above figure is correct, that means the rate of unemployment has declined by half. Perhaps the ministry will declare 2020 as the year of unemployment. But I do not think that will happen.

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