Justice Min upgrades web portal, offers 273 jobs for men, women

The Ministry of Justice has redesigned its portal as an interactive website with the highest standards.

Saudi Gazette report

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has launched an upgraded version of its online portal, improving user experience and enhancing compatibility with various operating systems and mobile devices.

“The portal has been redesigned under the highest standards for interactive websites, ensuring streamlined browsing and accessibility,” the ministry noted in a statement.

“The images and links have been optimized, and the search engines have been enhanced,” it added. “In addition, to numerous statistical indicators, an interactive Saudi map has also been included to provide easy access to the locations of MoJ premises.”

Through its various electronic channels, the ministry offers more than 90 e-services and 99 general indicators. The e-services include filing statement of claim, revoking PoAs, conveying property, applying for enforcement, making commercial justice applications, and registering plots and housing units, among others.

The open data includes 24 basic justice indicators and 75 real estate indicators benefiting property owners and entrepreneurs.

The MoJ had earlier won the Fifth Achievement Award for e-Government (2018) for “Cooperation among Government Entities for Better Services.”

Meanwhile, the ministry has announced a total of 276 job opportunities at the 8th grade in the Riyadh region for both males and females.

It said 143 positions are available for men in HR development and legal research, while 133 are available for women in legal, HR operations, litigation and programming research.

Applications are enabled through the MoJ portal (www.moj.gov.sa) until March 21, it added.