Najm launches 2nd phase of ‘Insure It Right’ to stress value of motor insurance


RIYADH — Najm for Insurance Services launched the second phase of its “Insure It Right” Campaign that aims at raising awareness among vehicle owners and drivers and educating them on the significance of motor insurance.

The campaign covers motor insurance related topics including combating insurance fraud, the importance of dealing with authorized insurance offices and the rights and obligations of the beneficiaries. The campaign also aims to promote the No Claim Discount service, the right of recourse to insurance companies, beneficiaries’ rights, mandatory auto insurance and adding the IBAN to the insurance policy.

In this regard, Dr. Mohammad Al Suliman, CEO of Najm, said “Insure it Right” Campaign will contribute toward promoting the importance of insurance among motorists in the Kingdom, which aims to support the vehicle owners and will lead to the development of the insurance industry in line with Vision 2030.”

Dr. Al Suliman added that “we are keen to promote motor insurance guidelines as per the globally applied insurance standards.”

Moreover, he highlighted Najm’s new identity, which focuses on the company’s commitment toward the community and its responsibility in promoting traffic safety across Saudi Arabia.

To further expand its reach and maximize its exposure, this phase of Najm’s “Insure It Right” Campaign will be launched through TV, radio, news websites, newspapers, and all social media and digital platforms. — SG