Law to promote public decorum

Shoura approves draft law with 10 articles

March 27, 2019
Women members of the Shoura Council attending its session in Riyadh on Wednesday. — SPA
Women members of the Shoura Council attending its session in Riyadh on Wednesday. — SPA

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

The Shoura Council on Wednesday approved a draft law to preserve public decorum and combat its abuse.

The draft regulation, consisting of 10 articles, emphasizes good manners and ethics reflecting the values of society and stresses the need to avoid bad behavior in public.

In another decision, the Council approved the draft competition and government procurement law after reviewing the financial committee’s point of views.

The draft law, which consists of 97 articles, aims at regulating procedures related to business and procurement as well as to prevent abuse of power and influence for the sake of personal gains.

The Council adopted the draft regulations for the juvenile homes after listening to the views of the committee on social affairs, family and youth on the members opinions.

The law, with 36 articles, aimed at ensuring the jurisdictions and arrangements related to enrolling juveniles at the designated homes, the procedures carried out by the house after their reception and the obligations undertaken by the house with regard to their investigations and trials, as well as all programs and activities being undertaken until up to the time of their release from the juvenile homes.

The Shoura Council approved the commercial franchise law, prepared by its economy and energy committee. The law consists of 26 articles to promote commercial franchising activities in the Kingdom by establishing a regulatory framework that governs the relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee.

March 27, 2019
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