Compulsory enlistment

Abdullah Al-Jamili


AMOUNG us there is a group of young men that we are proud of. Though I like to write about the initiatives being carried out by our youth, here I will dwell upon something more important.

We are proud of the youth’s contributions to serve their religion, country and society in many fields, especially through social and voluntary programs.

At the same time, there are other segments that are engrossed in city life and its luxuries. This largely affected their personalities to the extent that their character became so delicate. They lead a spoiled life, which is evident from the way they dress and their strange hairstyles.

This has also affected the way they speak so much so that we cannot differentiate between the males and females among them.

As for their daily activities, they spend most of their time roaming the streets, parks and shopping centers. If they are not doing that, then they spend their entire time on the Internet following useless people who talk nonsense.

Since the country is having an ambitious vision for a better future, we need to study the case of this segment of our youth and their behavior. We immediately need to find a way to cure them.

I know that talking to them through programs alone will not do them any good. Therefore I suggest one of these to get them engaged and involved: enlist them compulsorily into the army for a minimum period of six months, or force them to participate extensively in volunteering work.

Trust me, the intensive military training courses and volunteering programs will give our youth the needed experience and skills. It will also implant a spirit of seriousness and discipline in them, which will make them stronger.

It will teach them how to bear responsibility and will increase their sense of patriotism. It will for sure help them to stay away from terrorism and radical thoughts.