Islamic Affairs Ministry sets regulations for transmitting Adhan and prayers via loudspeakers


RIYADH — The Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance has set regulations for transmitting Adhan (call for prayer) and prayers via external loudspeakers, Saudi Press Agency quoted the spokesman of the ministry Abdulaziz Bin Saud Al-Askar as saying on Thursday.

Al-Askar stressed that the ministry has specified the regulations for loudspeakers in small and large mosques during the holy month of Ramadan only, in line with the circular in force for many years and is updated every year.

The regulations, Al-Askar mentioned, include: The number of external loudspeakers should not exceed four, the volume level should not exceed 4, as mosques are close to one another. The objective is also to prevent disturbing people and confusing worshipers in other mosques.

The prohibition on using external loudspeakers is only for Taraweeh and Qiyaam prayers in the Furoodh (obligatory prayers) mosques. Their use is restricted to large mosques (jawamea), but this should not be in an exaggerated fashion.

This is what is being practiced all these years in line with the circular which is updated annually, Al-Askar asserted. —SG