Registrationin ‘Hisabi’ mandatory,now: SEC

Subscribers asked to comply to avoid disruption of services

Khaled Al-Qinoun

Saudi Gazette report

The Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) has launched a national campaign under the title Hisabi (My Account) to determine the end beneficiaries of its services and to provide them with fast electronic services.

Khaled Al-Qinoun, deputy CEO for distribution and subscribers’ services at SEC, has said through this service, the company will be able to preserve the rights of the subscribers, communicate with them quickly and serve them better as it can easily determine the end beneficiaries of the service.

He said Hisabi covered all categories of subscribers without any disparity.

Qinoun said the Hisabi service was aimed at facilitating the issuance of bills in the name of the end beneficiary.

“Through this service we will be able to preserve the rights of subscribers. The company is keen to register the names of all subscribers and beneficiaries,” he said.

The deputy CEO said the service had a number of benefits including the preservation of the rights of the subscribers, the facility to send data directly to them and the provision of the electricity service to the end beneficiary.

“The account owner, whether landlord or tenant, will be able to use the service whenever he or she changes the address or moves to another location,” he explained.

Qinoun said the company had been working to activate this as an optional service in the past but now it now moved to the stage of mandatory subscription according to the rules and regulations of the Electricity Cogeneration Regulatory Authority (ECRA).

Qinoun asked all subscribers to register in this service as quickly as possible to avoid the halt of necessary electronic services to them.

Qinoun explained that all the registration steps were done automatically through the electronic channels.

He said subscribers could register on the company’s website or by visiting any of the company’s offices anywhere in the Kingdom.

He said the categories that can benefit from the service include citizens, GCC nationals and expatriate residents.