CEO of NEOM: A few months remaining before beginning of construction

Nazmi Al-Nasr

TABUK – The CEO of NEOM City Project Nazmi Al-Nasr has confirmed that the NEOM Project working team is set within a few months to relocate to the project site and begin laying down the first bricks for construction. He added that NEOM will be a long journey requiring meticulous planning and hard work.

In a statement to SPA following the “Dream NEOM” competition, carried out by NEOM Project in partnership with MiSK Foundation on Friday, Al-Nasr said: “Since the announcement of NEOM Project, work has been going on to achieve what has been planned for. We are keen to carry out all the steps in an integrated fashion. During the coming few months, we will begin to move to the sites in NEOM and begin construction works, which will be followed by important and sensitive stages.”

He said the NEOM Project – MiSK Foundation, is the first initiative, which will be followed by many partnerships, whether with universities or with authorities that serve the project, enrich its developmental aspects all over the world, and attract the Saudi brains, “which we aspire will become a basic part of the building process in this dream city”. The partnership between NEOM Project and MiSK Foundation will not be the last, but it will be long-lasting, as both sides have the same goal and thinking. There will be mega initiatives, which will surprise the citizens in the near future.

At the conclusion of his statement to SPA, he expressed happiness about the creativity of Saudi talents in the “Dream NEOM” Competition. He said all the projects presented by the participating teams will be taken into consideration. NEOM Project will strive to apply them appropriately in the environment. NEOM Project is not looking for ideas outside the fund, but beyond that by searching for creative and unique ideas.

It is noteworthy that three teams of Saudi young men and women had won the first three prizes allotted by the fellowship and training initiative at the Muhammad Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz Foundation (MiSK Foundation) and NEOM Company in “NEOM Dream” Competition.

The three teams came up with smart solutions to face the challenges that might face future cities in the fields of renewable energy, maritime transport and serving people with special needs.

The winners of the first place received a cash prize of SR250,000; the second place SR100,000 and the third place SR50,000. Furthermore, they can set up their projects in NEOM City in future. – SPA