Witnesses granted visas to testify in criminal case


By Adnan Al-Shabrawi

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has responded to a request by a Saudi court to quickly grant two people living in Italy and Pakistan visas to visit the Kingdom so that they can testify in a case.

According to information received by Okaz/Saudi Gazette, a judge at the Criminal Court in Jeddah had sent a letter to the ministry’s branch in Makkah Province to issue the two people visas to enable them to come to Saudi Arabia and testify as witnesses in a private rights case involving some SR25 million.

The court asked the plaintiff to visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, submit applications for visit visas and provide the required information on the witnesses in Italy and Pakistan. This was after requesting permission for the issuance of visas.

The court decided to postpone its session until the issuance of visas to the witnesses and their arrival in Jeddah. The court confirmed that it had requested issuance of urgent visas to the two people who have volunteered to testify as witnesses in the case.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to the court’s request and sent cables to the Saudi embassies in Rome and Islamabad and asked the plaintiff to instruct the two witnesses to visit the mission to obtain their visas.

Subsequently, the two witnesses, from Italy and Pakistan, appeared before the court. Previously, the men lived in Jeddah. They gave their testimonies, which were a major factor in changing the course of the case.