Dar Al-Hekma holds open house for prospective students

Dozens of students and their parents attended the open house organized by Dar Al-Hekma University in Jeddah recently.

JEDDAH – Dar Al-Hekma University held recently a day of open house and received tens of students and their parents who came to get an idea about the innovative programs and courses the university offers.

Dar Al-Hekma holds the open house event every year and invites prospective students to visit the university and meet with the faculty members.

The number of prospective students who wanted to get an idea about the undergraduate programs exceeded 50 while that of prospective students seeking information about the master programs exceeded 70.

Dar Al-Hekma offers various master programs for female students and has recently opened admission for men interested in its master programs.

Students found out about the academic programs available at the university as well as the new innovative programs that have been introduced lately. These programs include Bachelor of Science in banking and finance, digital marketing, cybersecurity, game development, smart systems and other programs.

They also include Master of International relations, Master of Business Administration, Master of Architecture and Master of Educational Leadership, which all fall in line with Vision 2030 objectives aiming to build a young generation with high caliber and capabilities who can make positive and sustainable changes in society.

The prospective students were provided with full explanation about the conditions of admission, college grants, extracurricular activities and supporting services. They got to meet with faculty members of different academic programs and learned about the study plans, syllabuses and the promising future each specialization offers.

A number of university students talked to the prospective students about their hands-on experiences at the university and how the programs helped them achieve their expectations and hone their skills in their respective field of study. They spoke highly about the extracurricular activities, which offer innovative services and contribute to enriching the knowledge of students by engaging them in various activities.

Dr. Suhair Al-Qurashi, president of Dar Al-Hekma University, said the open house is an effective tool that promotes direct communication with those interested in enrolling in the university.

“We aim to attract creative high school students to join the university after they have completed their high school education. We are keen to introduce innovative academic programs that keep up with the modern development being witnessed Kingdom-wide and that contribute to achieving the Vision 2030 objectives. We invite high school students to take the entrance exam while they are still at high school,” she said.

She stressed that the university is keen to launch innovative academic programs that fall in line with the Kingdom’s current development as well as Vision 2030.

“We work constantly to enhance the educational environment and competitiveness among students to ensure that our graduates are capable of improving their society and contributing to the development of the national economy. We use a combination of theory and practice supported by different student activities such as student clubs to increase the level of interaction, communication and competitiveness among students,” Al-Qurashi said.

Hawazin Bakr, director of admissions and registration, said, “The open house was a resounding success and gave prospective students and their parents an opportunity to learn about the details of each academic program. Students met with members of the faculty who helped them choose the right specialization for their future career.”

The students were taken on a tour around the university’s modern facilities which include specialized studios, laboratories and halls. Pamphlets and booklets were handed to the students to learn more about the university’s programs.

Since its establishment in 1999, Dar Al-Hekma University has positioned itself as the leading private, non-profit, higher education institution for young women in Saudi Arabia. — SG