Let us be soft on our children during exams



ABOUT 2.7 million of boys and girls of intermediate and secondary school started their final exams.

The schools all over the Kingdom made tremendous preparations for annual exercise. The teachers and administrators were keen to prepare the examination halls to make them comfortable for the students who sit the exams. They were determined not to prevent any student from sitting the exam unless by a decision from the director of the department of education in his or her area.

The school administrators made it imperative on the drivers of school buses to bring the students to their schools well in time so that they do not miss the examinations.

They also asked the operators of school cafeterias to make sure that the food served to the students was healthy and clean so that none of them get poisoned at this crucial time.

The schools make strenuous efforts to create the proper ambience for the students to sit their exams in peace, ease and comfort.

On the other hand, a state of emergency was imposed on many homes in the run-up to the exam days because some students do not give much attention to revising their lessons prior to the exams.

Many students do not realize the importance of regular learning. Most of them revise their lessons only during the examinations or a day before.

They try to make up for this mishap not days before the exams but a few hours before they start. Then they look for quick solutions. Sometimes they seclude themselves in their rooms to have a final look at the textbooks and sometimes they go to friends to revise the lessons together.

They look for summarized notes while living amid fear and anxiety. They see what they call “examination ghost” in front of their very eyes.

Here the parents have a big role to play. They are responsible for providing their children with the proper atmosphere to revise their lessons long time before the examinations start.

They should make sure that their children have no worries or anxieties that normally grip many students around this time.

This is not the time for criticism, blame or punishment. The parents should not keep reprimanding children or reminding them that they have lost valuable time to prepare for the exams.

They should do their best to make their children catch up despite the fact that the time available is extremely short. They should provide them with a suitable atmosphere that will help them focus on their studies and be prepared for the examinations.

Instead of lashing at them, parents should instill confidence in their children and provide them with a suitable environment that will help them revise their lessons coolly.

The parents should also help their children when they are not able to understand a point.

They should be keen to keep their children safe from the “ghost of examinations” and free from any sort of fear or worry.

The parents should not be violent with their children, make them feel guilty or accuse them of stupidity. They should not punish their children by depriving them of the chance to watch their favorite TV program or use their computers or mobile phones. Such actions will worsen the condition of the students and make them scary of the exams and the reactions of the family members.

The time for reprimand has passed. It should have been done during the first months of the academic year to drive the students to study hard.

During the time of examinations, let us be kind to our children and help them study instead of holding them accountable. It is the duty of the parents during the examinations to make their children lead a normal life away from any kind of fear or worry.