Charges for domestic Haj packages set

May 08, 2019

By Abdullah Al-Dahass

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

The Ministry of Haj and Umrah has fixed charges for various packages of Haj services offered by domestic Haj companies and establishments.

New names were adopted for packages before adding the value added tax (VAT).

In the meantime, the ministry will start allocating tents for the domestic pilgrims on Thursday.

According to the ministry, the rate for the economic package category (1) is SR4,297. The rate for category A1 will reach up to SR4,547 in accordance with the availability of the train service.

The charges will range between SR4,235 and SR4,485 for A2, between SR4,172 and SR4,422 for B, from SR4,047 to SR4,297 for C, from SR4,922 to SR4,172 for D1, from SR3,947 to SR4,047 for D2, from SR3,697 to SR3,947 for E, and SR3,465 for economic package 2.

Guest 1 Package: Guest A1 SR8,161; A2 SR8,099; B SR8,036; C SR7,911; D1 SR7,786; D2 SR7,661; E SR7,561

Guest 2: A1 SR7,910; A2 SR7,848; B SR7,785; C SR7,660; D1 SR7,535; D2 SR7410; E SR7,310.

Guest 3: A1 SR7,108; A2 SR7,046; B SR6,983; C SR6,858; D1 SR6,733; D2 SR6,608; ESR6,508

Guest 4: A1 SR6,308; A2 SR6,246; B SR6,183; C SR6,058; D1 SR5,933; D2 SR5,808; ESR5,708.

The charge for a pilgrim at Mina tower has been fixed at SR11,905.

The ministry will allocate tents for Haj service providers in the economic packages of 1 and 2 on Thursday while allocation of tents for the categories in the Guest Package will be made on Sunday.

May 08, 2019
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