Saudi police arrest second man in as many days on charges of sexual harassment

Attorney General Saud Al-Moajab
Attorney General Saud Al-Moajab

Saudi Gazette Report

DAMMAM — Less than 24 hours after a Saudi man was arrested for harassing a woman driver in the Eastern Province town of Al-Khobar, police apprehended another citizen for sexually harassing a woman shopper leaving a mall in the neighboring city of Dammam.

Saudi Arabia's Attorney General Saud Al-Moajab ordered the immediate arrest of the man after the incident was brought to his attention.

Police spokesman Col. Ziyad Al-Riqaiti did not identify the man but said he was a Saudi citizen in his 30s.

He said the police all over the Kingdom were keen to ensure the safety of all citizens and residents of the country. He issued a stern warning to anyone who dared to tamper with the security, safety and stability of Saudi society.

Footage captured by CCTV cameras installed in the shopping mall showed the man intentionally touching the woman as she left the place following her shopping.

According to the police, the incident took place between 10 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

The woman came alone to shop because her husband was admitted to a private hospital in Dammam. She visited her husband in the hospital and then went for shopping at the mall, which was nearby.

From his hospital bed, the woman's husband lodged a formal complaint with the Eastern Province police through Twitter, seeking the arrest of the man who harassed his wife at the shopping mall. He also requested the residents of the city to take up the matter with the attorney general.

On its part, the Public Prosecution warned that anyone who found guilty of harassing women would be handed out severe punishment.

Under the Saudi criminal law, harassment of women is punishable by imprisonment for two years and a fine of SR100,000. Anyone caught committing the crime for a second time will be imprisoned for five years and fined SR300,000.