Executive Regulations for special iqama within 90 days


JEDDAH — The Special Privilege Iqama Center will complete preparing the Executive Regulations of the Special Privilege Iqama Law, approved by the Council of Ministers on Tuesday, within 90 days, paving the way for issuance of the special iqama.

The Center, which is the exclusive competent body to regulate and manage everything related to the new iqama, enjoys financial and administrative independence, and will be under the supervision of a ministerial committee, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

The center will announce in turn the details related to the Executive Regulations, and the mechanism of submitting applications and other relevant matters.

The Executive Regulations include all the terms and conditions and procedures for foreigners, including those residing in the Kingdom or those coming from outside, to obtain the iqama, as well as the privileges for the two types of iqamas; one for an unlimited period and the other for one-year validity with subject to renewal. — SG/SPA