The winner in 2020: Trump!


The 2020 US presidential election will not be resolved for more than a year, but the race has started, and more than 20 Democratic candidates, along with one Republican and candidates from other parties have announced their intent to challenge US President Donald Trump. However, it seems that at the moment the road is paved for a great victory for Trump due to the impressive performance of the US economy.

US unemployment is at its lowest level in more than 49 years, job creation continues month by month, billions of dollars of investment flow uninterrupted into the US economy, US corporate earnings are positive and the dollar continues to dominate the world. Experts state that Trump’s firm decision to reduce taxes to companies and investors has had a positive effect on the economy. Trump not only reduced taxes, but also managed to reduce and remove 70 percent of the bureaucratic obstacles and bureaucratic decision-making affecting public sector business and investment issues.

Donald Trump is convinced that the price of oil must be low so as not to hinder economic growth in his country and in the world at large. That explains his enthusiasm for political change by force and a new reality in Venezuela, which is one of the most important oil suppliers of the United States.

Knowledgeable experts state that past agreements with Iraq and the change of the situation in Libya with the support of Haftar and his national army are factors that also affect America’s oil supply.

The economic performance of Trump and his team have exceeded the most optimistic expectations. This, of course, makes the situation difficult for Democrats who focus on the social and moral aspects of the personality of the man and his contradictions and lies which are broadcasted to large groups.

It seems that more than ever the economy drives politics and that Donald Trump will be staying in the White House for four more years. The world needs to be prepared, notably China, North Korea, Russia, the European Union and NATO, for the re-engineering of their goals and relationship with the US.