Female kidnapper of infant girl under police custody

Hussain Ahmed Farie holds his baby girl after her return. — Okaz photo
Hussain Ahmed Farie holds his baby girl after her return. — Okaz photo

By Ibrahim Alawi

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

The kidnapper of Noor, a day's old infant baby girl, from a hospital in Al-Hamra District in Jeddah, is a Saudi woman in her 50s, the Makkah police have claimed.

The police said the woman is under custody now and is being investigated prior before she is handed over to the Public Prosecution for further questioning.

According to police investigations, the woman entered the Al-Hamra hospital in the staff uniform, took the baby from her mother on the pretext of taking her to a doctor for examination and put her in a car which was waiting for her outside the hospital's main gate.

The kidnapper dropped the infant at another hospital in north Jeddah for no plausible reason.

The police said they were able to identify the kidnapper from the photos produced by the cameras in the two hospitals and returned the baby to her parents in less than 48 hours.

Hussain Ahmed Farie, the baby's father, was happy to see his daughter in the bosom of her mother and said he was sure that the police would return their baby to them.

He described the incident as weird and said the motives of the female kidnapper were not known so far.

"We lived through difficult moments but our grief was reduced by the massive interaction of the people on the social media who gave us all support," he said.

The father said they could not yet swallow what had happened but they were happy that their girl was brought back to them.