KSrelief: High time for UN to stop Houthis blocking humanitarian aid


RIYADH — King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) said it has repeatedly called on the international community and the United Nations, and its organizations and agencies working in Yemen, to confront and address the violations by Iranian-backed Houthi militias that are blocking, looting and damaging humanitarian aid, Saudi Press Agency quoted KSrelief as stating Tuesday.

KSrelief has stressed, in its statement, that it is high time for the international community and the United Nations with its agencies to take the strongest measures and decisions to prevent the recurrence of such inhumane actions and to exert pressure on Houthi militias to allow the distribution of humanitarian aid to the beneficiaries within the Houthi-controlled areas.

The Center draws attention to the keenness of Saudi Arabia, represented by KSrelief, to deliver humanitarian aid to all regions of Yemen, including areas controlled by the Houthis, considered rebels by international law.

KSrelief was referring to the statement issued by the World Food Program (WFP) on Sunday condemning Houthi militias that are preventing humanitarian aid workers from distributing food to the needy in areas under their control in Yemen.

In its statement, the WFP had also threatened to stop the distribution of food because of fears of embezzlement and non-delivery of aid to their beneficiaries, blocking food aid convoys, hindering their distribution and interfering with the lists of beneficiaries, thereby hampering the work and objectives of the program. — SPA