Saudi Arabia calls on UN to boost international efforts to criminalize hatred


GENEVA – Saudi Arabia has announced that pertinent authorities are currently studying a new draft regulation to criminalize racism and hatred, prohibiting the formation of organizations of racist nature or supporting racial discrimination, prohibition of attacks against places of worship, or contempt of religions or desecration of sanctities, spreading hatred, belittling or discriminating against individuals or groups, or destroying historical symbols, Saudi Press Agency reported on Tuesday.

This came in a speech delivered by the head of the Saudi delegation, Advisor at the Ministry of Interior and Director General of Legal Affairs and International Cooperation in the Ministry, Dr. Abdullah Bin Fakhri Al-Ansari, before the 28th session of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice held at the United Nations Center on in Vienna.

The draft regulation aims to protect the social fabric from the dangers of discrimination between members of the society and its segments, in rights and duties, on the basis of race, tribe, region or sect, or on the basis of ideological and political classifications.

The Kingdom has stressed that intolerance based on ideology and race has emerged as a major threat to global peace and security, noting that Islam and Muslims in many countries have been subjected to deliberate campaigns of distortion based on reports confirming that during the past few years hatred and intolerance against Islam show a disturbing trend with its growing frequency. – SPA