Turkish President’s adviser Aktay: A motormouth with malicious intent

May 29, 2019
Turkish President’s adviser Aktay: A motormouth with malicious intent
Jameel Altheyabi

This is not the first time that Turkish President’s adviser Yasin Aktay is meddling in the affairs of Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries that Erdogan’s Turkey is dreaming to extend the Ottoman Caliphate.

Actually, it is a “Brotherhood Caliphate” based on creating chaos and causing political and religious turmoil in societies. In this regard, Aktay is in charge of the ruling echelon of the International Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, which considers Turkey and Qatar as its deemed safe havens.

Aktay published an Arabic article in the pro-Brotherhood pro-Erdogan Turkish newspaper “Yeni Safak” titled “An open letter to the King of Saudi Arabia”. The article is repugnant due to its contradictions, morbid dreams and foolish ideas. Aktay begins his narrative with an impudent interference in Saudi Arabia’s affairs, as he considers the Kingdom, with the resources Allah Almighty has granted it, responsible for eradicating poverty from Muslim countries.

According to such a notion, Saudi Arabia should be a “super state” able to interfere in the sovereignty of all Muslim countries! Undoubtedly, Aktay realizes very well that Saudi Arabia is the country that has the highest spending in the world, especially on its Muslim sister countries. The same applies to the Kingdom’s diplomacy since its founding some 80 years ago. Saudi Arabia is deemed the biggest supporter of relief aid in the world via its humanitarian initiatives, donations, aid and gifts to poverty-stricken and disaster-affected countries.

Finally, if the Turkish brother does not know, he should recall that Saudi Arabia has granted poor countries more than $6 billion waiver of debts they owed it. This is at a time when the Kingdom’s foreign aid between 1996 and 2018 exceeded $84.7 billion benefiting 79 countries in the world. The total Saudi aid provided to Yemen since 2015 until today has exceeded $11.8 billion.

A question arises: “But what has his country’s Brotherhood government provided?”

Aktay, who supervises the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood groups in Syria, Libya and Egypt, is continuing his series of interferences and admits in his narrative that he is writing to issue a warning.

He says: “As a Muslim brother, I feel it is my duty to warn you against what you announced recently that you would carry out because it will cause a big disaster for you.”

Aktay is deputy president of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and also serves as the adviser to the Turkish President. Undoubtedly, he is circumventing the facts by using certain expressions, writing his article carefully and describing himself in such a way that it can be likened to a delusion.

Despite the official posts Aktay is holding, like any Turkish columnist with a certain purpose in his mind, he resorts to the same Turkish narrative on the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in October 2018. He alleges that his demand to hand over to Turkey those involved in the killing of Khashoggi has made the Saudi Crown Prince “not to have positive feelings toward me!”

I had described him as a biased person and a fabricator, as the posts he holds and in view of his proximity to the highest decision-making authorities in Turkey, he knows very well that the Saudi Judiciary has started looking into the charges leveled against several people involved in that case.

He also knows that the Saudi Judiciary is looking into the case in line with the Islamic Shariah and not the secular laws followed by Turkey that is dreaming of the “Brotherhood Caliphate”.

What arouses repugnance is that a man like Aktay shouldering such great responsibilities is warning Saudi Arabia against what he named in his article as “the decision announced recently on the killing of Muslim scholars after issuing death sentences.”

In view of his participation in decision-making in Turkey, he knows very well that no official Saudi government announcement has been made in this regard.

The trials are still going on. It would have been more appropriate for him to obtain the news from official sources. Leveling charges does not mean that the trials are over.

Hence, it appears the issue is just a fabrication created by the second haven for the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar. Doha has a media arm totally dedicated to distorting the image of Saudi Arabia, fabricating lies against it and defaming its leaders and people with falsehoods, allegations and lies, especially after it became exposed before the Arab people and its lies were unraveled one after the other.

After an untenable pleading for one of the detainees being investigated, Erdogan’s adviser says: “We won’t interfere in your internal affairs on any other issue. This is of no concern to us and we respect you. However, the issue of Muslim Ulema is not one of your internal affairs (...) as they are not your subjects, but they are our common treasures.”

The “naïve” adviser accuses Saudi Arabia of being annoyed by Turkey’s solidarity with the causes of the Muslim world! But he knows very well that Saudi Arabia is working diligently for the sake of the Muslim world. It hosts the Muslim World League (MWL), the headquarters of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), which include all Muslim countries as members, even Turkey.

He knows that the pertinent authorities in Saudi Arabia issue statements on problems confronting Muslims all over the world. It strives with all its strength to help in mitigating the impacts of disasters and mediating to defuse tensions in Arab and Muslim countries. It does not do these things through conferences, mobilizing militias and arousing sedition.

The Kingdom’s stance towards the Palestinian cause is constant and unwavering, not like what his country is doing. He knows very well what I mean!

The Brotherhood adviser should ask himself: Why is his country striving to meddle in the affairs of Arab countries, like Syria, Iraq, Libya, etc.? Why hasn’t Saudi Arabia criticized Turkey’s total silence on Iran’s meddling in the internal affairs of region’s countries and Tehran’s continuous attempts to destabilize Arab and Gulf countries and its crimes in four Arab capitals?

If Iran is defiant in its provocations and criminal behavior, then it is Saudi Arabia’s foreign policy to invite Muslim countries for consultation on what can be done to stop these illegitimate interferences.

This explains Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman’s convening of the Gulf, Arab and Islamic summits in Makkah.

The Kingdom strongly believes in integrated collective work, and strengthening legitimate alliances, along with its full capability to defend its sovereignty and the safety of its land, airspace and territorial waters.

For sure, Aktay’s article cannot be deemed an individual act. The onus for its contents falls totally on the presidential adviser, whose uncouth nature is recognized. It should also be presumed that a person occupying such positions is actually expressing the views of those in higher posts. It is an expression of the intentions of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, whose international office in Istanbul is run by the writer (Aktay). This is with the blessings of his country’s government aside from providing all the facilities and care for the group’s renegade elements.

The article’s timing just before the three summits in Makkah also shows malicious intent. It is regrettable and really dangerous that a country with the size and status of Turkey is resorting to the Iranian tactics of issuing threats via proxies, promoting hate and spreading sedition. If Aktay repeats such tactics, our response will be stronger. He will be told not to tread beyond his limits, as he is merely a mouthpiece.

— The author is a Saudi writer. Follow him on Twitter: @JameelAlTheyabi

May 29, 2019
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