Saudi Arabia calls on Muslim world to reject Iran’s interference

Kingdom takes over presidency of OIC

Foreign ministers of the organization of the Islamic cooperation (OIC) pose for a photo during a preparatory meeting for the GCC, Arab and Islamic summits in Jeddah on Wednesday.

Saudi Gazette report

Minister of Foreign Affairs Ibrahim Al-Assaf called on Islamic nations to reject Iran’s interference in the affairs of other countries.

“Tehran’s support for Houthi militias in Yemen is proof of Iranian interference in other nations’ affairs and this is something that Islamic countries should reject,” he said while addressing the ministerial meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Jeddah on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia took over the presidency of OIC, during the meeting of the foreign ministers, preparatory to the 14th OIC summit to be held in Makkah on Friday.

Assaf condemned the attack on the oil tankers OFF the UAE coast and warned of repercussions over the incident.

“The attacks on ships threaten global economy, and regional and global security. The drone strikes on Aramco’s pumping stations are “terrorist” attacks, and must be countered with determination,” he said, adding “We emphasize the need to exert more efforts to combat the subversive activities of extremist and terrorist groups.”

Assaf said that the Islamic world is going through very serious and grave challenges, the most dangerous of which is the interference in its internal affairs.

“The foreign interventions have exacerbated the crisis of the Yemeni people,” he said while vowing support for the UN efforts to end the conflict in the country.

“Our Islamic nation is facing challenges in Syria, Libya, Somalia and other countries. The conflict with Israel is the most important challenge facing the Islamic Ummah,” he noted.

Assaf stressed that the Kingdom stands with the Republic of Sudan and supports the Transitional Military Council and the measures taken by it in serving the interests of the Sudanese people.

“We support the steps announced by the council in safeguarding the lives of people and their properties,” he said.

The foreign minister said his country wants a solution in Syria according to Geneva 1 resolution and an end to the presence of sectarian militias in the war-torn country.

He also stressed the need for the return of the Rohingya refugees to Myanmar and justice served to them. He also renewed Saudi support for Libya to resolve its current crisis.