First music institute set to open in Saudi Arabia soon

Saudi singer/composer Nasser Al-Saleh

Saudi Gazette report

Saudi singer/composer Nasser Al-Saleh plans to open the first institute to teach music in the Kingdom.

"I am racing against time to open the institute especially after I have obtained all the required licenses from the concerned authorities," he said during a TV interview.

Al-Saleh said he wanted to employ the great artistic talent of the Saudi youth providing them with a forum to learn music and the best methods of singing.

He said the recent artistic leap in the Kingdom had encouraged him to realize his dream of teaching music to young Saudi men and women.

"Music is food for soul, mind and body and should therefore be taught to young boys and girls in schools,"he said.

Saleh was a singer but he gave up the trade to be involved in composing and making lyrics and melodies for other singers.

"I am more a composer than a singer now," he added.

Saleh was born in Al-Ahsa to a family of artists and musicians including his own father. He had played football before turning to singing. He has so far launched as many as six albums.