Saudi Arabia intercepts five Houthi drones in new attack: Coalition


RIYADH — Saudi forces on Friday intercepted five drones launched by Iran-aligned Houthis in Yemen, targeting the Abha airport, the Arab Coalition said.

This was the second assault targeting the airport in the Kingdom's southwest in two days. The missile on Wednesday left 26 civilians wounded at the Abha airport. The nearby city of Khamis Mushyat was also targeted, the Coalition said in a statement.

The latest attack comes amid spiraling regional tensions after Washington accused Iran of carrying out attacks that left two tankers ablaze in the Gulf of Oman, the second such incident in a month in the strategic sea lane.

"The royal Saudi air defense force and air force successfully intercepted and destroyed five unmanned drone aircraft launched by Houthi militia towards Abha international airport and Khamis Mushyat," the coalition statement said without reporting any casualties.

The airport was operating normally with no flights disrupted, the statement added. — AFP