FII event theme set as What is Next for Global Business?

Participants look at a sign of the Future Investment Initiative during the investment conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia October 23, 2018. REUTERS/FILE PHOTO

RIYADH – The Public Investment Fund, under the aegis of Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, announced on Thursday a high level program for the third annual Future Investment Initiative (FII) to take place on Oct. 29—31 here in the capital city.

Prince Muhammad, deputy premier and minister of defense, is also the chairman of the Council of Economic and Development Affairs and the Public Investment Fund.

This year, FII will again bring together decision makers, leading investors and global experts to explore future economic trends and opportunities, shed light on the future of industries, and discuss how investment can continue to drive overall global prosperity and development.

Organized around the overall theme of ‘What is Next for Global Business?’ the event will focus on three key pillars:

• Sustainable future: Exploring new innovations and investment models that can support profit, people and planet.

• Technology for good: Business and policy frameworks that can guide the future growth of the tech industry.

• Advanced society: Cultural and organizational systems that can inspire humanity in the age of machines.

The FII will also host three summits, along with the main event, looking at how changes in business, entertainment and society are driving innovation and creating investment opportunities:

• Immersive work: How changes in technology, demography and business models are altering the nature of work.

• Interactive entertainment: How innovations, globalization and consumer behaviors impact the worlds of sports, leisure and entertainment.

• Interconnected society: How governments around the world are attempting to integrate intelligent systems, advanced mobility, new educational models and greater cultural awareness into their cities and communities.

As part of FII’s goal to build relationships and encourage in-depth discussion, the event will host twelve cross-sector taskforces, designed to explore emerging business and investment trends and to identify early-stage growth opportunities. These taskforces will cover social, energy, climate, technology, healthcare, data, transportation, food, tourism, sport, retail and youth related topics.

FII has proven to be a substantial international platform for expert-led debate between investors, innovators and governments as well as economic leaders since it was launched in 2017. — SG/SPA