How MBS attracted the G20 spotlight


There is no doubt that the charisma of Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman and his imposing presence during the G20 Osaka summit attracted the attention of diplomats and journalists.

He was one of the most spectacular leaders at the summit due to his dynamism and determination throughout the 48 hours of meetings.

The Crown Prince demonstrated during his Blue House summit in Seoul with South Korean President Moon Jae-in the vitality of Saudi diplomacy and his ambition to have his country keep pace with advanced nations, face challenges and cope with international changes.

The Blue House summit and the G-20 meetings were held at a sensitive and crucial time for the world and the region. Iran is threatening energy supplies with its attacks on oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, the Strait of Hormuz and the ports of the Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea.

This is a matter of deep concern for G20 countries, especially for South Korea and Japan who import Saudi oil. The two countries are also important trade partners of the Kingdom at a time when the country is undertaking projects related to the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030.

During the G20 summit, Crown Prince Muhammad met with a number of world leaders, such as US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin who both praised him and expressed their appreciation for his capabilities and aspirations and the positions being taken by the Kingdom.

During the G-20 meetings, Saudi Arabia reinforced its alliances against the power of evil manifested by Iran and the terrorist groups that are being financed by the Hamadain regime in Qatar.

The meetings served to strengthen alliances and partnerships due to the diplomacy of Crown Prince Muhammad. The meetings were important in light of the tensions and conflicts in the region and also the plots and conspiracies against the regional and international role of the Kingdom and its pivotal position in the world energy market.

The clear line of diplomacy the Kingdom has been following has demonstrated prowess, flexibility and the ability to strengthen alliances and partnerships.

Riyadh has established the Islamic Military Alliance of 40 countries to fight terrorism. It has also initiated the Arab Alliance to support legitimacy in Yemen and to foil Iran’s attempts to create hegemony in the region.

Crown Prince Muhammad has embarked on trips to the East visiting India, Pakistan, China, Korea and Japan. Before this he visited the West with stops in the US, Britain, France and Spain. These trips resulted in the creation of alliances that are too strong for enemies to break. The alliances are based on economic interests and investments. They also cover political and defense areas which are important for a country restructuring its economy and safeguarding its borders against attempts at infiltration, hegemony and destabilization.

The dynamism of Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman during the G20 summit, his meetings with a number of world leaders and his official visit to Japan to meet with the emperor are strong proof that the position of Saudi Arabia among major world nations is strong and deep rooted based on facts, figures, actions and shared interests.

His meetings during the G20 summit were an affirmation of the Kingdom’s alliances at all levels and in all areas, especially in economic, security and political fields.

The Kingdom’s stability is a matter of great concern to the major countries of the world because of its influence in the Arab and Islamic world and also the crucial role it plays by providing oil supplies to the global economy.

The projects of Vision 2030 are of great interest to Western countries and the Tigers of Asia which are looking forward to participating in them. Interest in these projects has led to MoUs and agreements being signed during all of the international visits of the Crown Prince.

I think the two phrases: “High interest” and “mutual interests” provide the best explanation for the success of Saudi diplomacy in both the East and the West.

High interest for Riyadh means its strong desire to protect its security and stability and confront the forces of evil and ensure the prosperity of its people. Mutual interests with its allies in the East and the West are not limited to commerce and investments but also include an exchange of common interests, protecting world peace, safeguarding the stability of the oil market and guaranteeing the continuation of global energy supplies.

MBS has demonstrated an ability to gain the confidence of major world leaders despite attempts to tarnish him and damage the image of the Kingdom.

The continual success of the Crown Prince will only serve to exasperate and frustrate his spiteful enemies.

— The author is a Saudi writer. Follow him on Twitter: @JameelAlTheyabi