Festival sheds light on culture and traditions of ‘flower men’


Saudi Gazette report

The Flower Man festival organized by the Ministry Of Culture from Aug. 12 to 31 in the village of ‘Rijal Almaa’ as part of Alsoudah Season, will shed light on the rich culture and traditions of ‘flower men.’

Spokesman of the ministry Abdul Karim Al-Humaid said that the festival would be in the form of a cultural journey in which the visitors find pleasure and knowledge at the same time, which blends the concepts of culture and history in a single context.

The festival highlights the culture in the region and emphasizes the uniqueness of the "flower headband" that distinguishes the region people's through a variety of activities that explain the types of these headbands, the manufacturing methods and the occasions on which they are used,” he was quoted as saying by Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

Al-Humaid stressed that organizing such a festival comes from the ministry’s keenness on praising cultural aspects of different types and trends.

"The rich cultural diversity in the Kingdom's villages and provinces calls for the creation of festivals and events that highlight this culture and to show them locally and internationally,” he said.

The festival comes in the context of the Ministry of Culture’s ambitious plan to promote the Saudi cultural sector and achieve its objectives of making culture a lifestyle, contributing to economic growth and strengthening the Kingdom's international presence.

Al-Humaid noted that the festival welcomes the audience of all ages to enjoy its activities, including the Heritage Market, live folklore shows and poetry evenings, as well as the open-air orchard, the Habak cafe, the perfume shop, and the flower sculptures.

The festival aims to make Rijal Almaa the leading tourist destination in the southern region, given its more than 900 years of

history as a significant trade hub.

The Ministry of Culture is organizing this festival to develop heritage and cultural sites and turn them into international tourism destinations.