How Saudi Arabia is boosting coexistence?


Saudi Arabia believes that states can work together to maximize prosperity and minimize conflict, as it aims to promote the concept of coexistence and building bridges of communication between Saudi society and other societies around the world. The definition of power is changing in a dramatic way and Saudi Arabia is coping with that change.

The population of the Kingdom is 34,177,018 based on the latest United Nations estimates, with 78.4 percent living in urban areas. Saudi Arabia’s current net migration rate is 3.547 per 1,000 people.

How can a country which is home to many foreigners and accommodates people from many diverse cultural backgrounds and whose citizens are known to be broad-minded be stereotyped as supporting terrorism and extremism? People should analyze with the intention of understanding, not of criticizing Saudi Arabia.

The Kingdom has long defined itself as a conservative nation with its national identity based on its being the birthplace and cradle of Islam. Haj has played a huge role in the creation of a cosmopolitan mentality for Saudis, which enforces tolerance, coexistence and respect for the differences between communities. Saudi Arabia strives to achieve peace and harmony among the various components of the global community.

Nowadays, liberalism in Saudi Arabia can be seen in changes in social norms, especially in terms of segregation and entertainment and women in the workplace and driving. The Kingdom’s Vision 2030 emphasizes the necessity of spreading the culture of coexistence and civilized communication between different societies.

For example, Jeddah Season alone attracted some four million local and international visitors. Saudi Arabia is eager for foreigners to experience dealing with Saudis and to see for themselves the ongoing modernization in the Kingdom and has made it possible for tourist visas to be obtained in only three minutes.

The current leadership is serious about its modernization efforts and has introduced major changes to the cultural and social fabric of the country. Saudi Arabia is a cosmopolitan country, welcoming many expats who have chosen this destination to enrich their career, particularly in technical and scientific fields.

Saudi Arabia has never been isolated, and it promotes the use of dialogue to prevent and resolve global conflicts in order to enhance understanding and cooperation, while unfortunately, some other countries harm themselves by doing the exact opposite.

The author is a Saudi political analyst specialized in International Relations. She can be reached at: Twitter: @EkleelBS