Four caught trying to smuggle SR3.93 million out of Saudi Arabia

Saudi currency seized from a passenger at Madinah airport. — SPA

Saudi Gazette report

Officials at Prince Muhammad International Airport in Madinah have foiled four attempts to smuggle riyal currency notes worth a total of SR3.93 million out of the Kingdom. The bank notes were hidden in the baggage of four passengers who were preparing to leave through the airport.

The airport Director General Ahmed Al-Ghamdi said that the first attempt to smuggle out SR948,300 was thwarted after the cash was found hidden inside the clothes in the bag of a passenger. Another amount of SR679,000 was discovered from the baggage of another passenger while another cache of SR415,500 was found hidden in metal cans in the personal belongings of a third passenger.

Officials thwarted attempt to smuggle out notes worth SR1.05 million, the largest amount, which was found concealed in the jeans trousers of the fourth passenger in a tactful manner, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported on Sunday.

Al-Ghamdi said that all the smugglers failed to prove the legitimacy of the sources of these amounts of money seized from them. In this regard, the Saudi Customs emphasized that the Anti-Money Laundering Law stipulates that every passenger, who leaves or enters the Kingdom with carrying cash or precious metals up to or exceeding the value of SR60,000, must declare it by filling up the declaration form at the Customs or through its website. The Customs officials have also confirmed that the non-acknowledgment is an explicit violation that requires legal accountability.