Border Guards rescue two foreigners on yacht

Border Guards assist a Spanish yacht with a British and Irishman on board. — SPA

Saudi Gazette report

The marine patrols in Farasan Sector have helped a British and an Irish traveler after their yacht drifted into Saudi territorial waters due to inclement weather, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) quoted the official spokesman of the Border Guards Lt. Col. Misfir Al-Qiraini as saying on Friday.

The two were on board a yacht carrying the Spanish flag in international waters and were on their way from Spain to Djibouti.

Lt. Col. Al-Qiraini said: “The assistance comes within the domain of the functions of the Border Guards and the humanitarian efforts they provide in the search and rescue works.”

He added: “The yacht was detected entering Saudi territorial waters via maritime monitoring systems. Immediately, marine patrols belonging to Farasan Sector were dispatched to receive and accompany them to the marine units wharf in Farasan Sector. They were supplied with water and fuel and accompanied to the international route until their departure to their destination.”