Even in Yemen, look for the Russians!


I have always tried to analyze events by looking for the ultimate beneficiary even if it was not always clear who that might be. I remembered that rule as I followed the recent events in Aden and what immediately came to mind was the role of the Russians and of President Vladimir Putin behind the scenes.

The project to restore legitimate rule in Yemen after the Houthi coup is supported by the United States and the West in general, and the Russians have substantial incentives to thwart US-sponsored political projects, such as in Syria and in their support for the Iranian regime against America.

The Southern Transitional Council of Yemen has carried out deceptive retaliation against the forces of legitimacy in pursuit of the dream of southern secession. The Council is a political and military entity whose roots lie in the idea of ​​a state that was sponsored by the Soviet Union before its fall in the early 1990s, and therefore there are “remnants of relations” with the Russian intelligence services that exist today.

Perhaps the most important political entity that adopted the idea of the ​​independence of the South was the “Free South Arabia League”. However, the project to “free” the South was taken over by socialists and communists, who destroyed the country and contributed to the migration of capital and human beings, especially the intellectual and political elite.

The collapse of the Soviet camp forced the southerners to accept the idea of ​​unity with the north. Ali Abdullah Saleh made promises, but did not implement what was agreed upon with southern leaders. Today, the transitional council is taking a number of strange positions, including “separation of separation” or separation from the legitimate government itself and a separation from geography as it seeks to separate Aden from Hadramout within the independent state of the south.

However, the decision to seek independence requires diplomatic and international political legitimacy, just as it did in the summer of 1963 when the pioneers of the struggle for southern independence had resolutions passed in the United Nations for independence for south Yemen and territorial integrity and the transfer of sovereignty to its people. The Southern Arabia League was not a party to the compulsory unit project based on deception, nor is it a party to the current Southern Transitional Council.

Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish between those who fight for the ultimate goal and those who confuse priorities under the influence of Russian intelligence misinformation, which is always the beneficiary of what is happening.

Under Putin, Russia’s concerns about America and its democratic project are spreading around the world, and they will not stop in their attempts to frustrate every American-backed legitimacy no matter where that may be.