Saudi beauty in the eye of an American blogger

Paris Verra, seen at AlUla, said the site is "the vastest beautiful place I have visited in Saudi Arabia and probably in all of the world". (Photo Credit @parisverra Instagram).

By Anas Alyusuf

Saudi Gazette

— With Saudi Arabia recently opening up on many fronts and also its doors to visitors, in line with Kingdom’s Vision 2030 aspirations, the eyes of the world is turned toward the biggest Gulf state.

And with this opening up, some of the people from various parts of the world were the first few to get a glimpse of Saudi Arabia — its people, culture and traditions.

The window, according to one intrepid traveler, opened up the beauty of Saudi Arabia for her to see. Paris Verra, a foreign tourist who recently visited the Kingdom, said that the Saudis are the nicest, most accepting and welcoming people.

And like any blogger is intrinsic in her approach to presenting the view through her eyes and words. Verra has explored exotic locations around the world and has fallen in love with the different faces of Saudi Arabia.

She writes of her experiences, the beauty of nature and the joy of spontaneous travel. She documents the images and experiences as a travel tip for the others who are likely to follow her to the Kingdom.

"I love the people here, and I can't express that enough. I especially love the way they live and how important family is to them. I find life in Saudi Arabia to be extremely safe and respectful — which is very important to me as a foreign woman traveling. Saudi Arabia feels like home to me," she said.

"After seeing a few photos of AlUla once getting my visa, I didn't want to leave Saudi Arabia until I visited there. I was still traveling full time, but AlUla became a priority must visit.

“After spending months in Saudi Arabia without seeing that region, I already ended up falling in love with this country. AlUla was only a bonus to my experience," she added.

"I have already recommended tons of people to KSA through my social media account. My recommendation is to go with an open mind, have coffee and dates with the locals, and to explore the towns as well as the beautiful landscapes.

“Once they visit, I highly recommend not leaving without seeing AlUla, Jeddah and Abha,” she said.

She described AlUla as "The vastest beautiful place I have visited in Saudi Arabia and probably in all of the world". It's breathtaking, so much history and beauty here that I visited two weekends in a row and would love to go back soon.

On Abha, she said, “This was the most recent place I visited, and I can easily say it's unlike any of the other sites. Abha has a beautiful green mountainous landscape with incredible sunsets, rich culture, and the most kind, welcoming, vibrant people. In my experience, I think the people of this region are some of the kindest and inviting of all the areas.”

On Jeddah, she added, “Another one of my favorite spots that I need to go back to explore more. I spent a weekend here, swimming in the Red Sea amongst the most colorful Coral Sea life I have ever seen.

“I have been snorkeling in tons of countries — even the Great Barrier Reef in Australia — nothing compares to the reef here. Another highlight is the historical Town of Jeddah.”