Saudi attacks Jazan female receptionist in a Jazan hotel

September 08, 2019
The video of the brawl in the Jazan hotel has gone viral. — Okaz photo
The video of the brawl in the Jazan hotel has gone viral. — Okaz photo

By Mohamed Mekki

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

A Saudi citizen allegedly attacked a female receptionist in a hotel here on Friday and the video on the subject has gone viral.

Acting Emir of Jazan Prince Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz has asked the concerned authorities to take necessary action against the Saudi citizen.

The prince, who has been following the case from its very start, gave instructions to complete the investigations and to bring the attacker to justice.

The unidentified woman has so far refuses to give up her rights in the case.

She said she was living in a bad psychological condition since she was badmouthed, beaten up and humiliated by the Saudi who was seeking lodging in the hotel.

The female employee said the Saudi sought to rent a room and asked her to accompany him to the room for completing formalities.

She said she refused to go with him to the room because the concierge was not in the hotel at the time.

She said she asked him to wait but he started calling her and her family bad names.

"I could not bear the abuse so I poured a cold cup of coffee on him. He immediately hit me and we began fist fighting," she said.

According to informed sources, the public attorney's office started investigating the case while a team from the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage visited the site to collect more information on the incident.

Surveillance cameras in the hotel showed photos of the man and the woman fighting and shouting at each other.

The woman said she did not want to watch the video showing the incident because she would cry every time she did that.

September 08, 2019
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