3 sectors are most attractive for Saudis

Construction sector occupies the third place in attracting Saudis. — Courtesy photo

By Abdulrahman A-Misbahi

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

Public administration, wholesale and retail trade and construction are the three sectors that are attracting Saudis the most, government reports seen by Okaz/Saudi Gazette show. The total number of workers in these sector has exceeded 1.19 million Saudis, roughly 35.77 percent.

Wholesale and retail trade sector came second, as it has over 434,000 Saudi men and women, forming 14.06 percent of the total number of Saudi workers.

This is followed by the construction sector, which occupies third place in attracting Saudis, as the number of Saudis reached 294,000 in the sector forming 9.52 percent.

Hence, the percentage of Saudis in the three sectors reaches 59.35 percent.

The manufacturing industries sector has attracted 6.46 percent of the total Saudi workers, as their number in the sector has reached 199,000.

Education sector has attracted more women than men, bringing their total to over 174,000 individuals. Of these, 90,306 are women and 84,295 are men.

As to the human health and social service activities, the number of workers has reached 158,000 individuals, forming 5.12 percent.

As to the administrative and support services, the number of Saudis has exceeded 112,000 employees with 3.65 percent of the total Saudi workforce.

This is followed by the mining and quarries sector that has 111,000 Saudi employees.