MWL signs Paris Agreement

Muhammad Al-Issa, secretary general of MWL, with leaders of the Abrahamic Family while signing the Paris Agreement on Thursday. — SPA

PARIS — The Muslim World League (MWL) signed the Paris Agreement for the Abrahamic Family with all the French Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant religious groups, and thus becoming the first Islamic organization to bring together representatives of the followers of Biblical religions in a single cooperation document in order to work to foster the commonalities.

This aimed at promoting peace and harmony in the face of extremist discourse, hatred, racism and incitement.

The historic pact was signed on the sidelines of the international conference titled “Peace and Solidarity,” organized by MWL in Paris, in cooperation with the official Foundation for Islam in France.

Prominent religious figures from 40 countries in addition to Muslim, Christian and Jewish religious leaders of France attended the conference. In his keynote speech, Muhammad Al-Issa, secretary general of MWL, underscored the need to protect religion from political exploitation, and the need to safeguard young people of all religions from the menace of extremist outfits. — SPA