Ministry of Culture to hold folklore competition with SR1 million in prizes

September 25, 2019

RIYADH — The Ministry of Culture has announced the launch of folklore competition as part of its national project to document the Kingdom’s intangible rich heritage.

The competition, in three branches, carries prizes worth SR1.05 million. The competition aims to count all aspects of both verbal and performance expressions, featuring various regions of the Kingdom with their diverse cultures.

The competition is planned with the objective of reviving folklore arts and motivating all members of society in the Kingdom to participate in recording the treasures of folklore in video or audio tracks in three specific areas: folk dance, folk music, folk tales and legends.

The competition, which started on Wednesday, will last for two months, during which the participants from all segments of the Saudi society can send their entries to a specialized electronic portal —

The competition carries total prizes worth one million and SR50,000. There will be 10 winners in each category and SR350,000 is earmarked for each of the three categories. Entries will be received in video or audio format, depending on each track’s requirements.

The participants in the folk dance category is required to record a folk dance that is famous in one of the regions of the Kingdom and would have a chronological and historical dimension with necessary information and description about it.

The recording can be either a video of the dance or a video of a speaker describing the dance or an audio recording containing an accurate description of the dance.

The participants in folk music category have to submit a recording of a musical or rhythmic melody that is famous in one of the regions of the Kingdom, and has a chronological and historical dimension, with or without instrumental presentation.

There will also be information about this melody or rhythm and the occasions of its uses. This track should also include recording of popular musical instruments and playing old folk tunes with details about the instrument and the melody used.

The recording shall be either a video or audio of melody, rhythm or play, or a video of a speaker describing it.

In the category of ‘folk tales and legends’, the participants have to record the popular verbal narrative that comes in a clear narrative template, and has a historical and geographical dimension in any regions of the Kingdom, whether it has real or legendary roots.

The recording shall be in a video or audio clip form in which the speaker shall give a full account of the folk tale or legend with information about its occasion, if any, as well as its geographical spread and its history.

The ministry’s electronic portal contains the terms and conditions of the competition, in addition to the conditions of participation in each track, and details of the tracks, prizes and timeline.

The ministry aims to organize the competition as part of its bid to form a comprehensive database of Saudi folklore as part of its project to document the intangible national heritage in all manifestations and types, based on its belief in the importance of preserving folklore and its role in preserving the Kingdom’s legacy and enhancing its unique cultural identity. SPA

September 25, 2019
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