Shoura members seek permanent residency for children of Saudi women married to foreigners

September 25, 2019

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

— Some members of the Shoura Council have come forward with a call to grant permanent residency status (iqama) for the children of Saudi women married to foreigners.

They urged the Ministry of Interior to make amendments in the executive bylaw of the Saudi Nationality Law to issue them iqama without any fee or long procedures, Okaz/Saudi Gazette has learnt from well-informed sources.

Those who presented the proposal are Latifa Al-Shaalan, Faisal Al-Fadel, Lina Almaeena, Noura Al-Musaed, and Huda Al-Holaisi. The proposal comes at a time when the Ministry of Justice disclosed about a surge in cases of marriage of Saudi women to foreigners.

According to the sources, the Shoura members cited several factors in support of their demand, the most notable among them are strengthening the family unity and cohesion, protection of the social fabric and raise the moral and material damages resulting from the lack of permanent residency to children of Saudi women married to foreigners.

They noted that this is essential to realize the essence of articles 8, 11, and 26 of the Basic Law of Governance, which states that “the governance in Saudi Arabia is based on justice, consultation and equality in accordance with the Islamic law,” and that the “the basis of Saudi society is on holding fast to the rope of God by its members, their cooperation on righteousness and piety, interdependence among themselves, and avoiding disunity,” and “the state protects human rights in accordance with Islamic law.”

The Shoura members’ proposal also aims at enhancing the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 for all members and segments of the Saudi society in order to empower women and further consolidate their rights.

It also aims to enable them to confront social and cultural changes in the wake of the increasing percentage of Saudi women married to non-Saudis so as to provide stability and security for their children.

“These children should no longer be subject to a sponsorship system where they are forced to seek another sponsor in the event of the death of their mother,” the Shoura members said while noting that such amendments would contribute to phasing out various problems faced by these children in the absence of citizenship.

They also noted that the permanent residency for these children tend to be a strategic investment for the Kingdom, a member of the G20 club of world’s economic powers.

Most of these children enjoy high qualification, experience, expertise and the desire to take part in the nation building process which is an added value, the Shoura members stressed in their proposal.

September 25, 2019
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