UAE online hiring activity in hospitality sector rises


DUBAI — According to the latest Monster Employment Index (MEI), online ‘Hospitality and Travel’ related occupations in the UAE have increased by 37 percent from Q3 2018. The ‘Hospitality’ sector also witnessed a 21 percent increase in online hiring during the same period. The growth in demand for professionals in the sector comes despite a 10 percent decline in overall online hiring opportunities as the nation gears up to welcome Expo 2020 visitors.

The UAE, specifically Dubai, is expected to welcome approximately 25 million visitors between October 2020 and April 2021 as Expo 2020, the largest event to be held in the Arab World, opens its doors to 200 international participants from 192 nations. In preparation for the influx of visitors during the six-month celebration of innovation and creativity, the supply of hospitality facilities, including hotel rooms, have been boosted to meet the anticipated demand, increasing job opportunities in the sector.

Commenting on the most recent MEI results, Krish Seshadri, CEO, APAC & Middle East,, said: “Expo 2020 is set to welcome visitors from all over the world with very diverse demands and expectations. This is definitely an exciting time for professionals in the hospitality sector. The event will serve as a platform to demonstrate the exceptional skills of the UAE hospitality workforce on a global level. For industry professionals in the UAE, this is a unique opportunity to be a part of the biggest event to ever take place in the entire region to date. However, professionals in the field must ensure they adhere to international best practice and must be ready to deliver consistent quality levels of service during the very busy period”.

From the industries monitored by the MEI, online hiring patterns in the ‘Oil and Gas’ industry closely followed ‘Hospitality’ at 19 percent growth from the same period last year as global demand for energy continues to grow. Furthermore, ‘Engineering and Production’ was the only other occupation to demonstrate growth after ‘Hospitality and Travel’, with an eight percent increase from Q3 2018.

According to Monster, the rise in the middle-class sector is creating a higher demand for energy and hence increased demand for professionals in the Energy sector. Furthermore, a rising demand for clean energy sources across the globe is evident, and the UAE has responded with several initiatives, such as the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant and the construction of the world’s two largest solar power plants. These efforts could be key factors for the increase in ‘Engineering and Production’ occupations witnessed in the UAE.

Looking at the wider region, online recruitment has witnessed a decline of nine percent from Q3 2018. Among the countries monitored by the MEI in the region, Kuwait demonstrated the highest advancement in online hiring during this period with six percent growth, followed by Bahrain at four percent. The ‘Hospitality’ industry registered the most growth from the industries monitored in the region at 16 percent, followed by ‘Retail, Trade and Logistics’ at eight percent. Roles in ‘HR and Admin’ led occupational growth in the region with 26 percent increase from Q3 2018, followed by ‘Hospitality and Travel’ at 22 percent and ‘Customer Service’ at 20 percent. — SG