Aramco’s smart system helped shut Khurais oil wells remotely


Okaz/ Saudi Gazette report

Saudi Aramco said that the use of advanced technology to operate and maintain oil wells had enabled it to shut down over 300 wells through remote access following last month’s attack on its oil fields.

Mohammed Al-Suwaij, director of the production management in the Khurais oil field, revealed that the company closed more than 300 oil wells remotely from a centrally located ‘control room’.

This operation was carried out, following the terrorist attack on Khurais oil fields last month, through the smart field system, which operates the oil fields and wells that are spread over a wide geographical area. The system is in place to control it remotely.

A recent report by the company, seen by Okaz, revealed that the five oil units in Khurais operate independently, providing flexibility in restoring and resuming production.

The highly sophisticated facility design and investment in many sustainability features have played an important role in enabling the oil fields to withstand strong attacks.

Other production units were intact, which was an important factor in restoring production within 24 hours after the attacks.

In a recent report, Aramco described the shut down of the Khurais field as "ideal", stressing that closing it is a fine example of the art of remote control through advanced technology from the central control room.