Up to 100% Saudization in contract jobs of public firms


Okaz/Saudi Gazette

Minister of Labor and Social Development Ahmed Al-Rajhi approved on Monday the increase of Saudization rates in all jobs generated from contracts awarded by government agencies and companies in the operation and maintenance sectors and that reach up to 100 percent in some jobs.

The percentage of Saudization has been fixed at 100% in supervisor jobs in the disciplines of safety, information technology, general services, administration and support services related with all operation and maintenance contract works implemented by companies having at least 51 percent stake for the state.

About 40 percent of supervisory jobs in the electrical, mechanical, equipment, and civil sectors will be Saudized while the localization rate in the technical, operational and professional jobs has been increased to 30 percent.

There will be 50 percent Saudization in the administrative jobs in the sectors such as electrical, mechanical, equipment, civil, safety, information technology, general services, administration and support services.

The Saudization in the engineering and specialized jobs, as well as in technical jobs in the above categories is 30 and 50 percent respectively while the percentage of Saudization in the operational and vocational jobs has been raised to 70.

The Ministry of Labor have given the freedom to determine the percentage of Saudization in the low-skilled jobs to the government agencies based on the localization opportunities it deems appropriate for them.

Al-Rajhi stated that the ministry is seeking to expand the Saudization drive so as to create more jobs for both male and female Saudi jobseekers.